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The Myth & Reality of Cloud Workflows for Media & Entertainment

Highlights of ALT Systems’ and Cutting Edge’s Myth & Reality of Cloud Workflows event at Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles.  ALT Systems Chief Technology Officer Sig Knapstad talks with some of our technology partners to get the latest on what works – and what the future holds – for Cloud workflows.



Preserving the Past: The Inside Story of the San Francisco Giants Legacy Project

Cutting Edge helped the San Francisco Giants digitize their historical film and videotape collection, preserving the team’s legacy for generations to come. Learn how the Giants turned to Cutting Edge to evaluate the technology and workflow required to successfully complete this massive undertaking.



Cutting Edge’s Exclusive Technology Tour of AT&T Park

Come on along as Cutting Edge and the San Francisco Giants take you on a behind-the-scenes tour of the media production technology in use at AT&T Park.  This exclusive VIP event also revealed the inside story of the Legacy Project, the Giants bold initiative to digitize more than 25,000 hours of film and videotape content using workflows developed by Cutting Edge.



Talking Tech: The San Francisco Giants Tech Tour Presentation

San Francisco Giants media production executives tell about how the team is digitizing its historical film and videotape archives using technology and workflow solutions developed by Cutting Edge.  This presentation is from Cutting Edge’s Tech Tour at AT&T Park.




Find out how Independent Television Service combines Digital Archive with the Power of Asset Management

ITVS produces the acclaimed public TV series Independent Lens, and funds documentary filmmakers who tell stories not widely covered by the mainstream media.  Cutting Edge’s Brian Botel looks at how ITVS uses CatDV Media Asset Management,  and Spectra Logic Black Pearl with a T120 LTO tape archive.


Hear How Doc Shop Productions Leverages Cutting Edge Technology for Documentaries

Doc Shop Productions is an LA production company that creates documentaries for TV and online distribution. The company uses Avid Nexis Pro shared storage, Media Composer, and Avid Pro Tools to create long-form documentaries that cover today’s hottest issues.




Go Behind the Scenes with the San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco 49ers’ Vice-President Rob Alberino talks about the team’s use of 4K production technology.  Learn how Cutting Edge helps the 49ers’ leverage high-bandwidth storage, media asset management, and archival workflows.




See How NVIDIA Pushes 4K, 360° and VR Production to the Limit

NVIDIA corporation’s Eric Ladenburg explains how the in-house production department grew to become a silicon valley production powerhouse.  From 4K and 6K gaming content, to 360° videos soaring with the Blue Angels… Cutting Edge client NVIDIA gets every bit of value from its extensive production and distribution network.



Learn How Ovation Handles “Any Media, Anytime”

From shooting original productions all over the world, to re-editing some of television’s most acclaimed episodic series, Ovation TV’s Rob Canter shows how the network solved a key business challenge: being able to handle any media format at any time.   Learn how Cutting Edge helped Ovation move into its new facility, and reinvent its end-to-end workflow at the same time.



Focus on the Future Technical Seminars

Get the Scoop on the Latest Workflows for 4K and Beyond

From the popular Cutting Edge technical seminar series, learn how the industry’s top solution providers meet the challenge of 4K, 8K, Ulta-High Definition, High Dynamic Reality, and 360° immersive video and audio production.  Hear from Cutting Edge customers and take a deep dive into the latest tips and techniques.

Watch Part 1      Watch Part 2



White Papers & Technical Presentations

Cutting Edge CTO Sig Knapstad’s summary of what you need to know when shooting, editing, and distributing Ultra-High Resolution media

From the Cutting Edge Focus on the Future technical seminar series, this informative white paper covers terminology, 4K UHD and Cinematic video formats, High Dynamic Range color gamuts, and today’s production standards.  A must-read for video professionals!



How a Solid Technology Roadmap Helps Cutting Edge Customers Forge their Future

From Cutting Edge CTO Sig Knapstad’s Tech Tour presentation, this informative outline shows why a technology roadmap is such an important ingredient in planning your media production investments.