We Integrate Perfectly

ALT Systems and Cutting Edge have merged to form a dynamic new systems integration company dedicated to driving technical innovation and delivering world-class service to content creators nationwide.  We’re now perfectly integrated so we can integrate perfectly when you need the latest technology, groundbreaking workflows, and superior service to stay competitive.

ALT Systems is a full-service systems integrator serving the compositing, editing, dailies, color correction, data storage, networking, rendering, archiving, and large format film recording solutions for customers including broadcast television networks, major Hollywood studios, and post-production organizations.  Founded in Los Angeles in 1995, ALT Systems represents Autodesk’s line of creative finishing products, is the exclusive distributor of Academy and Emmy Award-winning Colorfront products in the Americas, and provides customized high-end post-production solutions tailored to individual customer requirements.  To learn more about how ALT Systems can help you, visit altsystems.com, or check out the manufacturers we represent by clicking the line card image at right:

Cutting Edge, a division of ALT Systems, is a media systems integrator providing technology solutions, professional services, and support to content creators nationwide. Celebrating our 25th year in the San Francisco Bay Area, Cutting Edge clients include some of the most recognizable brands in media and entertainment, as well as Silicon Valley technology companies and world-class sports organizations.   In addition to providing media storage, archiving, editorial solutions, Cutting Edge specializes in workflow, asset management, and automation.  Find out more about how Cutting Edge has helped clients maximize their creativity by looking at our customer spotlight videos, or or check out the manufacturers we represent by clicking the line card image at right:

Read more about our exciting merger and how it benefits the industries we serve.

Together, ALT Systems and Cutting Edge provide each customer a unique solution customized to meet their specific need by offering extensive demonstrations and evaluations, straightforward pricing, and flexible financing. Give us a call to learn why we say the integration of ALT Systems and Cutting Edge means we integrate perfectly.

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